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Pests in Southwest and South Central Michigan to Look Out For

The sandy soil we have in Southwest and South Central Michigan is great for growing crops and flowers… but it’s also the perfect environment for fleas, gnats, and sand flies (also known as no-see-ums or sand fleas) to make their home. But did you know that one of the worst pests we have to deal with in our sandy Michigan soil are sand fleas? Sand fleas are parasitic crustaceans that vary in size and are known to feed on the outer layer of skin, sometimes causing pain, skin disorders, and health risks for us and our pets. If not treated properly, a sand flea bite can even lead to death in animals. That’s why it’s important when you’ve found an infestation—either in your yard or in your house—to take action and rid your home of them immediately.

At Mosquito Squad of Southwest and South Central Michigan, we understand the risks and challenges of keeping pests under control and your family and pets safe. We would be happy to come help you control any pest population with our patented traditional or all-natural spray formula. Our formulas eliminate or deter adult ticks, fleas, and gnats on contact.

Gnat and Flea Prevention

We’re happy to work with you at any point during the year; but, as experts, we know the best thing for your yard and home is to be proactive rather than reactive to pest populations. Letting our experienced technicians treat your yard early in the season will leave you with one less thing to worry about this year. Don’t let these irritating bugs be an unfortunate damper to what could be some truly wonderful summer memories!

Sure, you could coat your kids in insect repellant every time they scramble out the door to play in the yard, but it can be tricky to remind them — or catch them — before they do. When your property has been sprayed by the expert team at Mosquito Squad of Southwest and South Central Michigan, you save yourself a lot of time, hassle, and potentially painful aggravation.

Love Your Pets

Your pets are another perfect reason to get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. Not only do you want your dogs and cats to be free of fleas because you care about them, but you also want to avoid an infestation in the house!

Love Your Home

Fleas are very difficult to deal with once they have taken up residence in the home. Couches, carpets, beds… clothing? Yuck! The best way to deal with these pests is to avoid letting them inside in the first place. So what are you waiting for? Our friendly, professional staff is waiting to help make this summer your best one yet! Do it for your family, your pets, and yourself. Don’t spend your summer scratching bites — call Mosquito Squad of Southwest and South Central Michigan today at (269) 932 -1444!

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