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Plainwell-Mosquito Control

Banish Mosquitoes and Ticks!

People like to spend time outdoors in the great little city of Plainwell Michigan. Whether it is getting out to the Four Roses Cafe for a nice lunch or dinner or getting out and enjoying the many parks and trails. Our warm Michigan summers make Mosquito populations thrive which makes Plainwell’s locale more vulnerable to this bothersome and potentially dangerous pest. If you’d like to venture outside without facing this and other troublesome insects, Mosquito Squad can help.

Our technicians perform several effective mosquito and tick control services in Plainwell. We can periodically treat your family’s lawn with a residual barrier spray. It will prevent up to nine out of 10 mosquitoes from entering the yard. We also offer an all-natural option that our staff applies to lawns every two weeks.

For even better results, our technicians can install an advanced misting system on your property. It sprays a repellent mist two to four times per day. Another service we offer is the deployment of special tubes that eliminate tick nymphs. This interrupts reproduction and reduces the risk you’ll fall prey to adult ticks.

To reclaim your lawn from pests and start enjoying Plainwell’s beautiful summer weather, contact us today. We guarantee you’ll be fully satisfied with all of our insect control services. Please call us to schedule an appointment or learn more about Mosquito Squad of South Central Michigan.

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