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Outdoor Adventures in Michigan

According to Michigan.org, our great state has “four Great Lakes, 11,000 inland lakes, 36,000 miles of rivers and streams, 19 million acres of forests, 4 national parks, 103 state parks and recreation areas, one of the world’s top freshwater fisheries, 1,300 miles of designated mountain bike and bicycle trails, 6,500 miles of snowmobile trails, the second highest number of ski areas in the nation, more than 600 campgrounds and an international dark sky park – just for starters.”

When it comes to outdoor living and adventures, Michigan is an ideal location year-round. Particularly in the short but lovely summer months, where the days seem to be endless and the nights are dotted with fireflies. Whether you’re exploring the state this summer or enjoying time in your own backyard in Southwest and South Central Michigan, the last thing you want to think about is pests keeping you from time in the sun.

Take Back Your Summer

woman gardening in a mosquito treated yard

With the area’s usual outdoor summer season stretching from Memorial Day to Labor Day – and with so many fantastic outdoor activities to choose from right in your own backyard – why let those pesky insects keep you inside? You never know when our beautiful summers could end with earlier than predicted cold weather, so make the most of them by being bug and mosquito free.

There are so many wonderful things you could do with your time in the sunshine other than slapping mosquitos away or spending those days worrying about tick bites. Our pristine beaches offer plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure on both the Inland Lakes and Lake Michigan, and our hiking and biking trails pull visitors from around the globe.

On a smaller scale, gardening, sunbathing, playing ball, and generally enjoying your own backyard is just as relaxing and important. It would be a shame to spend the lovely warm months hiding indoors from mosquitos and no-see-ums. Read Five Ways to Enjoy your Backyard this Summer and get in touch with our experienced staff at Mosquito Squad of Southwest and South Central Michigan. We’ll help you take your yard back, then you can get outside with your family and friends and enjoy all of your incredible summer activities and adventures!

Pest Control Services

At Mosquito Squad of Southwest and South Central Michigan, we offer traditional and all-natural treatment plans that eliminate or deter adult mosquitoes, ticks, and other no-see-ums for up to 14-21 days!

Our products are EPA registered and applied by licensed and trained technicians according to product label guidelines. They provide protection against the dangers and nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks. It takes only 30 minutes to dry after application and then your children and pets can return to your yard for summer fun all day long.

Automatic Misting Systems

mosquito control misting system installed

We also offer Automatic Misting Systems for worry-free control over your front or backyard. The system is programmed to treat 2-4 times each day during the most active hours. With a remote control you can access via your smartphone, you can adjust this with an extra mist just before a special event or if there seems to be extra bugs that day.

Don’t let pests get you down this summer. Call Mosquito Squad of Southwest and South Central Michigan and ask about our pest control solutions at 269-932-1444 today. Consultations are free!

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