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Marshall-Mosquito Control

Don’t let those pesky mosquitoes ruin your summer months.

Mosquito Squad of South Central Michigan offers you high-quality pest control at a reasonable price. Serving the area of Marshall and South Central Michigan, we provide mosquito and tick control to help protect you and the entire family.

Rather than dousing yourself in toxic mixtures of so-called bug repellent, let the Mosquito Squad help you get rid of the mosquitoes in your yard altogether. With the help of our trained applicators, who act as the authority of mosquito control and elimination, our highly qualified staff of experts will spray your yard every three weeks, to help you keep those mosquitoes at bay all summer long.

Founders of the revolutionary Protective Barrier Spray, the Mosquito Squad has helped eliminate mosquitoes at more than 100,000 homes and counting. We carry a sincere passion for helping protect the world from the potentially infectious and deadly diseases carried by mosquitoes, they strive to deliver outstanding service and build long lasting relationships with every single client.

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