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Protecting Your Family

There are many techniques you can do yourself to protect your family and friends from Mosquitoes. Just by following our 7 T’s of Protection you will reduce this nuisance and enjoy your yard.


Tip over backyard items to reduce standing water. Dog bowls, flower pot bases, wheel barrels all will hold water and become great breeding grounds.


Toss unwanted grass clippings leaves and mulch piles. Also small pieces of trash such as a water bottle cap can hold enough water to produce 300 mosquitoes in a week. Composting is a big deal here in Southwest Michigan and you can still do that. Just keep it away from the where you gather.


Turn over yard items that could hold water. Kids toys in the sand box, for instance, when it rains the standing water will give additional places for mosquitoes to breed.


Tighten loose tarps over firewood piles, grills, boats, campers, etc. Who doesn’t like a fire by the beach at night. Paw Paw Lake, Gull Lake, Magician Lake and Klinger Lake are all great places to enjoy the sunset. Keep the tarps tight.

Take Care

Take care of your home maintenance to reduce the mosquito population. Gutters should be clean, so water can easily flow. Tall grasses should be cut back. Outdoor weddings with a great vineyard in the backdrop can be the perfect setting. Whether in Buchanan, Coloma or South Haven, when you mow those grasses down you will disturb the habitat. So cut them back early and make sure you follow all the T’s!

Team Up

Team up and share your mosquito prevention smarts with neighbors. This will keep their yard from being a breeding ground and having mosquitoes biting you.


Call the pros at Mosquito Squad to Treat your yard and stop mosquitoes for good. Protective Barrier Sprays = No Mosquitoes.

This is how Mosquito Squad does the T’s

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